Kayaking in Colorado Springs: Exploring the Best Parks and Recreation Areas

Explore some of the best parks & recreation areas in Colorado Springs for kayaking! From Quail Lake to Eleven Mile Reservoir & more - find out what makes each spot unique.

Kayaking in Colorado Springs: Exploring the Best Parks and Recreation Areas

Colorado Springs is a great destination for kayaking, with plenty of parks and recreation areas to explore. From the 5-acre Lake Manitou Recreation Area to the 1400-acre Shadow Mountain Lake, there are plenty of opportunities for kayakers of all levels to enjoy the water. Quail Lake is one of the best places to kayak in Colorado Springs, with easy access and no motorboats allowed. The Rampart Reservoir is also a great spot for kayaking, with beautiful views and plenty of coves to explore.

The North Slope Recreation Area is also open for paddling, with Crystal Creek, South Catamount and North Catamount reservoirs available. The Arkansas River is a stunning spot for kayaking, with plenty of opportunities for both novice and expert rowers. The river offers a wide range of conditions, from easy Class I rapids to strong Class VI whitewater. Along the Arkansas River, you can expect to see moose, deer, bighorn sheep, and all kinds of wildlife.

Summer is when things get busy, so be prepared for crowds on the water. Eleven Mile Reservoir is another great spot for kayaking near Colorado Springs. It's big enough that you can spend an entire day exploring and enjoying, but not so big that paddling becomes tiring. However, the wind can increase during certain times of the year, so be prepared.

Lake Pueblo is also a great spot for kayaking near Colorado Springs, with calm waters and plenty of shoreline to explore. Kayak rentals are available on site if you need to rent a kayak. If you're looking for some adventure, check out the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. This area is perfect for whitewater kayaking and offers plenty of opportunities for beginners and experts alike.

Shadow Mountain Lake is one of five bodies of water in the Arapaho National Recreation Area, north of Granby. This lake offers 1400 acres for play and a canal that connects to Grand Lake. Before January 1st, Parks and Recreation gift cards can be purchased at the recreation center and then applied to a Lake Nighthorse pass at any time. If you have questions to the City of Durango Parks and Recreation Department about the current state of recreation in Lake Nighthorse, please email the Parks and Recreation Department. No matter where your next paddling trip takes place, there's a great spot for kayaking in Colorado Springs. Many sections are located within the Colorado River State Park, and offer ample opportunities for camping, picnicking, and playing in the park.

Pikes Peak Outfitter in Colorado Springs is your local store for rentals and outdoor recreation products. Take a kayak trip just about anywhere in the Rocky Mountains, and even along the front plains of the mountain range. Located in Lakewood, Colorado (just down the road from Colorado Springs), Bear Creek Lake is a beautiful spot for kayaking. If you're ready to drive, you'll want to visit other unique places in Colorado on your next kayaking adventure.